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Our Mission


Our Mission

We believe

Daugherty Capital is a real estate private equity firm that provides investors with opportunities for predictable, sustainable streams of passive income through strategic real estate investments.  We partner our investors with industry leading operators to invest in recession-resistant, value-add commercial real estate in strong markets across the U.S. to help them build long-term wealth.


Our Strategy


Identify strong population and job growth in landlord friendly states.

Experienced Operators

Work with leaders who have a track record in the local market.

Commercial Properties

Invest in recession-resistant, value-add commercial real estate assets.

Diversified Investments

Build long-term wealth by picking assets in strong markets across the U.S.

Real Estate Syndication

Our Specialty

We identify stable and growing local economies with upside potential for value add, repositioning, and rebranding. We aim to have holding periods of about 5 years with options to cash out refinance or sell the property. We focus on real estate syndications that allow investors to pool their resources to acquire larger properties and benefit from economies of scale.



How investors make money

Cash Flow

Monthly or quarterly distributions are shared along with consistent communication of progress


Value add strategy enhancing the property, increasing rents and identifying other improvements of decreasing expenses to increase the NOI-net operating income.

Tax Benefits

Accelerate depreciation and cost segregation where tax benefits are passed down to investors. Potential options for 1031 to new projects


Our Projects


Our Team


Shaughn Daugherty

Managing Principal

David Thompson

Strategic Partner


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